The Bank Raiders [1958]

October 22, 2018

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Thrilling 1950’s British Noir made by the Rank Studios.

Terry Milligan is a greedy small time crook who fences through another local villain Bernie Shelton. Shelton has his eyes set on a bank job and Milligan wants ‘in’. Milligan joins the gang as a getaway driver but the job does not go to plan and with the Police closing in Milligan seeks solace with local ‘tart’ Della (Sandra Dorne) but will greed get the better of them both ……………




Top of the Form [1953]

July 25, 2018

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Hilarious 1950’s comedy of an under-performing public school directed by John Paddy Carstairs and starring Ronald Shiner, Anthony Newley and Ronnie Corbett.

Professor Fortescue (Ronald Shiner) is a fake Professor trying unsuccessfully to sell his system for picking racehorse winners. When by chance, he succeeds he is chased by the local bookmakers. Attempting to escape, Fortescue stumbles into Bagshot Boys College and despite his lack of formal education, accepts the role of Professor of an unruly bunch of boys. When the boys cheat in an exam and win a trip to Paris Fortescue has to maintain control as they all head to France. His task becomes more difficult when the brother of one of the boys joins the trip to steal the famous Marie Antoinette necklace, and the trip quickly descends into hilarious chaos.

A superb ensemble cast includes, Richard Wattis, Alfie Bass and Harry Fowler.


The Fire Raisers [1934]

July 25, 2018

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Superbly crafted thriller brilliantly directed by Michael Powell and starring Leslie Banks as a shady insurance investigator.

Jim Bronton (Leslie Banks) is an insurance agent who helps his clients maximise their fire insurance claims. When Bronton gets a tip off that the Sonners warehouse is ablaze he quickly gets to the scene and recovers the company’s books from the burning building. When Bronton realises Sonners (George Merritt) has committed arson he blackmails Sonners into letting him represent his case Bronton makes a killing on the claim. Bronton s dubious activities however bring his business to the attention of the Lloyds insurance brokers who he continues to outsmart. When he marries the daughter of a Lloyds broker with expensive tastes he is forced to consider a dangerous proposal that could end in tragedy.

The Planter’s Wife [1952]

May 31, 2018

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Set in 1950’s Malaya, Jack Hawkins stars as the embattled British plantation owner Jim Frazer who battles to save both his plantation, from local Malayan bandits, and his marriage to his beautiful wife Liz, following years of neglect.

After years spent in a Japanese Internment camp during WW2, Jim Frazer has rebuilt his life as a wealthy plantation owner in the post War British colony of Malaya. A naturally warm man, Jim’s years of captivity had hardened him, particularly towards the local population who he mistrusts. Jim puts the survival of his plantation above his marriage to Liz (Claudette Colbert) and she plans to return to England with their young son Mike. However with the bandits closing in on his plantation Jim’s future in Malaya and relationship with Liz are put to the ultimate test!

I’ll Be Your Sweetheart (1945)

May 31, 2018

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Amusing musical drama set in the early 1900 s when the Music Hall scene reached its peak of popularity and superbly directed by Val Guest.

At the turn of the 20th Century Bob Fielding (Michael Rennie) arrives in London determined to make it as a song publisher. He visits a music hall where he hears Edie Story (Margaret Lockwood) singing Oh Mr Porter and immediately falls for her. He acquires the rights to the song I’ll Be Your Sweetheart and asks Edie to perform it, only to find that rival publisher, the sauve Jim Knight (Peter Graves) also claims the rights. Despite Jim’s claim, Bob turns the song into a huge success and begins to realise his dream of being a successful publisher.
However when music publishing pirates threaten Bob’s business he has to fight back and only when a new copyright law is passed into law does he have a chance to rebuild his fortunes both as a music publisher and as Edie’s partner.

The film includes performances of the famous music hall songs, ‘Mary-Anne’, ‘The Honeysuckle and The Bee’, ‘Oh Mr Porter’, ‘I Wouldn’t Leave My Little Wooden House For You’.

Circles of Deceit [1993-96]

May 31, 2018

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This series of 4 made for TV feature length thrillers stars Dennis Waterman (The Sweeney, New Tricks) as John Neil, a Falklands War hero whose family were murdered in an IRA terrorist attack. Neil has withdrawn from society and lives an isolated existence, until MI5 come calling. Former special-forces operative John Neil is a lone agent for hire for Britain’s security services. Whether taking on Irish terrorists, tracking down professional assassins, or pitting his wits against ruthless drug dealers, the ex-SAS man harbours no illusions about the work he’s doing, or the people he serves. Knowing he is expendable to the security services Neil must face down deadly adversaries relying on his instincts and his SAS training in a world of betrayal, danger, and deceit.

These 4 films were made for broadcast on Yorkshire TV between 1993 and 1996.

Made in Heaven [1952]

March 16, 2018


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Charming romantic comedy made in 1952 by Rank Studios and starring David Tomlinson, Petula Clark and A.E. Matthews.

The Topham family live a blissfully happy life together in the lovely market town of Dunmow in deepest Essex. Recently married Basil Topham (David Tomlinson and his beautiful wife Julie (Petula Clark) are patiently waiting for their house to be built by local builders. Until then, they are forced to live with Basil s parents and eccentric grandfather (A.E Matthews). Basil and Julie have been entered into the Dunmow Flitch, a competition for the happiest married couple and all seems idyllic with our newly-weds. That is until a beautiful maid Marta (Sonja Zieman) arrives from Hungary to run the Topham family home and inadvertently throws everything into chaos!!