Easy Money [1948]

December 10, 2020

Britain in 1948, and a win on the football pools was a way out of post war austerity. The football pools was a huge industry employing 25,000 people and with 10 million punters putting their crosses 1s and 2s into the little boxes on their coupon. It was everyones dream to win the pools and most Britons did not view it as gambling but as a traditional British pastime. EASY MONEY takes a satirical look at the impact of a pools win on your average British punter in the tough days of the late 1940s. With humour, suspense and drama the film sought to emphasise the importance of traditional British values of honesty, modesty and hard work! Life isnt always better if you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot as some of Britain s best loved actors including, Jack Warner, Petula Clark, David Tomlinson, Mervyn Johns and Dennis Price will prove!!

I See A Dark Stranger [1946]

December 10, 2020

Tense British espionage thriller, set in Ireland and the UK during World War 2 with a superb cast including Trevor Howard, Deborah Kerr and Raymond Huntley. Fiery Irish republican Bridie Quilty (Deborah Kerr) has been inspired by her nationalist father to hate the British. On her 21st birthday she leaves her village and heads to Dublin to join the IRA but is unsuccessful. Instead she unwittingly falls in with a German spy Miller (Raymond Huntley) who recruits her and finds her a job working in a sleepy English village pub near a military prison. When British Officer David Baynes (Trevor Howard) arrives in the village however he falls for Bridie. Together they unwittingly uncover a German plot to undermine the Allied efforts at a critical point of World War 2 which causes her to question her hatred of all things British!!

Don’t Ever Leave Me [1949]

October 22, 2020

Made in 1949 this Rank classic comedy stars Jimmy Hanley as a car salesman who accidentally becomes a kidnapper!

When veteran small-time crook Harry Denton (Edward Rigby) is released from prison he moves in with his Grandson Jack (Jimmy Hanley). Harry can t resist returning to his old ways and decides to kidnap Sheila (Petula Clark), the daughter of a well-known actor Michael Farlaine (Hugh Sinclair). Back at Jack’s flat Harry gets more than he bargained for as Sheila welcomes the adventure of being kidnapped and the attention she receives in the press! As Sheila’s father realises that the publicity generated by his daughter s disappearance is boosting ticket sales at his ailing theatre show he is not keen to see his daughter returned too quickly. Jack however is finding the going tough and when his long suffering girlfriend (Barbara Murray) begins to suspect he has another woman, he knows he must return Shelia and avoid prison!

An excellent ensemble cast includes Anthony Newley, Dora Bryan, Dandy Nichols and Maurice Denham.

Jumping For Joy [1956]

October 22, 2020

Hilarious 1950’s Rank comedy with Frankie Howard and Stanley Holloway taking the lead in this canine caper!!

When Willie Joy (Frankie Howard) is fired from his job at White City Dog Track he takes pity on injured greyhound Lindy Lou, who seems to have one paw in the grave. Willie nurses the sickly pooch back to health with the help of con man Captain Jack Montague (Stanley Holloway) and they plan to enter their hapless dog in the prestigious Golden Bowl race. They must however escape the clutches of a race fixing gang and dodgy bookie Bert Benton (Lionel Jeffries) to give Lindy Lou a chance to bring home the bacon and win the Golden Bowl!

Directed by John Paddy Carstairs, this riotous comedy has a superb ensemble cast including A.E Matthews, Joan Hickson, Richard Wattis and Alfie Bass.

It’s Not Cricket [1949]

July 10, 2020

INC 2D pack

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It’s Not Cricket is a hilarious post war comedy produced by one Britain s finest comedy talents, Peter Rogers, and his future wife and probably the finest female producer of her generation, Betty E. Box.

Major Bright (Basil Radford) and Captain Early (Naunton Wayne) are two helpless intelligence officers in the British army in post war Germany. Sent back to England for a spot of leave they fail to notice that their new batman is actually war criminal Otto Fisch (Maurice Denham) and when he vanishes the two officers are quickly demobed. Back on Civvy Street our two heroes set up a private detective agency, Bright and Early . When they are invited to a weekend country house party for a cricket match they stumble across a robbery plot involving a diamond that Fisch has stolen. Will the two helpless detectives finally catch Fisch and recover the diamond?

Quest For Love [1971]

July 10, 2020

Quest for Love STW0035 2D

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When a scientific experiment goes horribly wrong Colin Trafford (Tom Bell) finds himself in a parallel reality in 1971 in this thrilling sci-fi drama. In his new world JFK is alive and well and World War II never happened. Colin also finds that he is now a celebrated author rather than a scientist and unhappily married to a beautiful wife, Otillie (Joan Collins). Colin soon falls for Otillie but she loathes her womanising husband. With the help of Professor Larnstein (Lawrence Naismith) Colin convinces Otillie of his story and their love affair blossoms. However tragedy strikes when Otillie s heart condition leads to her untimely death. Believing that Otillie must be alive in his original existence, Colin must find a way of returning to his old world and saving the woman he loves before it is too late! Based on the story Random Quest by John Wyndham.

Venetian Bird [1952]

July 10, 2020

VB 2D pack

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1950s mystery thriller adapted by Victor Canning from his novel about a detective who gets caught up in a murder plot. Private detective Edward Mercer (Richard Todd) travels to Venice on a mission to find an Italian veteran who is due to be rewarded for his efforts in the Second World War. When he arrives, however, Mercer realises he is being set up with both the police and a group of partisans hot on his trail.

Appointment With Venus [1951]

March 2, 2020


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Based on a true story, Appointment With Venus is a fine example of the indominable British spirit during World War 2 in the face of Nazi tyranny. The Nazis occupied the Channel Islands in 1940 and amongst the population on the tiny island of Amorel is Venus, a pedigree cow, whose ability to produce high quality milk is legendary. So well-known is Venus that she has even come to the attention of Hitler who wants to send her to Germany to breed with the Teutonic herds he claims are the best in the world. To deny Hitler and boost morale at home, British Special Forces, led by Major Moreland (David Niven) and ably assisted by Nicola Fallaize (Glynnis Johns) and the Islanders, mount a dangerous operation to rescue Venus and return her to England. A superb ensemble cast includes Kenneth More, Bernard Lee and Richard Wattis.

Whirlpool [1959]

March 2, 2020

Whirlpool DVD 2D

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Tense 1950 s thriller set against the stunning scenery of the Rheinland. Lora (Juliette Greco) a beautiful barmaid, is tracked down by her wartime boyfriend Herman (William Sylvester), a shadowy figure involved in illegal currency dealing. In Lora s bar, Herman murders another criminal and escapes, taking the innocent Lora with him. Against her better judgement, Lora agrees to meet in Amsterdam, and to evade the authorities, they agree to travel separately. On her journey Lora meets Rolph (O.W. Fischer) who is captaining a cargo boat down the River Rhein. Lora begins to fall for Rolph but with both the Police and Herman closing in will she finally find happiness and free herself from her abusive relationship with Herman!!

The Net [1953]

October 4, 2019

TheNet DVD 2D

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Tense 1950 s Cold War thriller superbly directed by Anthony Asquith. Behind the net , the wire fencing surrounding the top secret British research establishment Port Amberly, researchers have produced a new weapon that could change the balance of power of the Cold War. Led by Professor Heathley (James Donald) an experimental supersonic jet aircraft code named M7 has been developed. All that remains is to test fly the prototype, and whilst Heathley wants to undertake testing himself his wife (Phyliis Calvert) and his boss believe it is too dangerous. The risks are increased by the presence of foreign agents who are trying to sabotage Heathley s work. Will they succeed or will Britain and her allies gain a crucial advantage in the Cold War?

Snowbound [1948]

October 4, 2019

Snowbound DVD 2D

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British film noir made in 1948 by the Gainsborough Studio, set in the Italian alps and full of post war intrigue and espionage. Engles (Robert Newton), a film director, offers his old friend and film extra Neil Blair (Dennis Price), an intriguing assignment. Blair is to travel to a remote Italian ski lodge and pose as a film script writer working on his next project. The real purpose of Blair s visit is to observe the visitors to the resort who include Wesson (Stanley Holloway) a photographer, and the mysterious Countess Forelli, who Blair quickly realises is travelling under an alias. The story begins to unfold with the arrival of Keramiko (Herbert Lom), a mysterious Greek gentleman, and when an attempt is made on Blair s life the real reason for his presence at the resort, and that of the other guests, soon becomes clear……..

Meet Me Tonight [1952]

October 4, 2019


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A wealth of British talent enlivens this Noël Coward omnibus of three slices of life told with his trademark blend of incisive wit and affectionate observation. From music hall mayhem to suburban suffering and a romp on the Riviera, each playlet features a top-notch cast whose exuberant performances bring the everyday situations to life. In the first of the playlets, Ted Ray and Kay Walsh are a washed up musical hall act who have had one rinse too many! In the second, Stanley Holloway is a hen pecked husband who has the last laugh on his loathsome family. In the third, based in the South of France, Nigel Patrick and Valerie Hobson star as a couple who are hoping that Jack Warner is the answer to their gambling problems!!

Lost [1956]

July 10, 2019

Lost DVD 2D

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Tense drama telling the story of the kidnap of a child in 1950’s London. Lee and Sue Cochrane are a happily married American couple living in London with their 18 month old son Simon. Their idyllic lifestyle is shattered when one day the family nanny takes Simon out for the day and briefly leaves him unattended in his pram outside a local shop. On her return the nanny finds that Simon has been abducted. Scotland Yard, led by Inspector Craig (David Farrar) and Sergeant Lyel (Anthony Oliver), are soon on the trail of the kidnappers and their pursuit leads them down a path of danger and intrigue. The film makes great use of locations throughout London and the South East of England and the slice of life in 1955 is fascinating.

Travellers Joy [1950]

July 10, 2019


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Hilarious 1950’s comedy from Rank Studios directed by Ralph Thomas Bumble Pelham (Googie Withers) has just concluded a major business deal in Stockholm, Sweden. However, she is unable to celebrate her success with her secretary Tom (Colin Gordon) as she runs out of money due to foreign currency restrictions. Instead she is reduced to trying to sell clothes and jewellery to hapless hotel maid Eva (Dora Bryan) and her situation worsens when her ferry home is cancelled. By coincidence her wealthy estranged husband Reggie, (John McCallum) is also in Stockholm but is also short of money. Will the hapless couple find a way of meeting their debts and finding love again in this hilarious Ben Travers’ farce?

Passionate Summer [1958]

May 20, 2019

Passionate summer DVD 2D

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Jamaica, an island paradise…where human emotions are laid bare under the tropical sun!

Douglas Lockwood, (Bill Travers) is a gifted teacher at Leonard Pawley’s experimental school situated in Jamaica. During one summer, a private plane crashes into the mountains a short distance from the school. Lockwood helps rescue passenger Judy Waring (Virginia McKenna) and soon falls in love with her while she convalesces at the school. Meanwhile Leonard Pawley’s wife (Yvonne Mitchell) has her own romantic interest in Lockwood and a love triangle quickly develops. The love interest of the adults and the behaviour of the school children see temperatures rise under the burning summer sun.


Wheel Of Fate [1953]

March 6, 2019


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Two brothers, Johnny (Patric Doonan) and Ted (Bryan Forbes) work in their disabled father’s garage. Johnny is the hard working brother and takes time to care for his father while Ted is a drunk and a womaniser. The two brothers have a strained relationship which deteriorates further when Ted introduces his girlfriend, night club singer Lucky (Sandra Dorne) to Johnny. Family life becomes more complicated when police search for the unknown killer of a man in a dance hall fight, and then by a bookie pressuring Ted to pay his gambling debts.

Street Corner [1953]

March 6, 2019


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Compelling 1950’s drama that tells the story of the contribution made by Police women during a period of great social upheaval through three entwined stories.

Edna Hurran (Eleanor Summerfield) is enjoying an evening stroll with her husband along the River Thames when a young girl falls in, Edna saves the girl but her heroism draws her to the attention of the Police and her story unravels. Young mother Bridget Foster (Peggy Cummins) yearns for some excitement in her life, caught shoplifting she falls under the spell of Ray (Terence Morgan) a villain who seeks to exploit her but the Police have Ray firmly in their sights. Brave WPC Susan (Anne Crawford) risks her life to save a small child who wanders onto a window ledge, investigating the incident brings the young police woman into a world of child neglect.

Directed by Muriel Box STREET CORNER boasts an all-star British cast including Peggy Cummins, Terence Morgan, Barbara Murray, Rosamund John, Ronald Howard, Dora Bryan, and Thora Hird.

Suspended Alibi [1957]

December 21, 2018

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A married newspaper editor, Paul Pearson (Patrick Holt), is having an affair with Diana, a female reporter. Pearson has been using an old army friend, Bill Forrest, as an alibi, telling his wife (Honor Blackman) that he is with Forrest while he really visits Diana.

When Pearson decides to end the affair he asks Forrest to cover for him one more time but when on the same night Forrest is murdered suspicion naturally falls on Pearson, and his web of deceit begins to unravel.


Red Ensign [1934]

December 21, 2018

Red Ensign DVD 2DBuy it at Amazon here

Tense thriller superbly directed by the legendary British film maker Michael Powell. Britain, 1933, David Barr (Leslie Banks) is an ambitious ship designer working at the Glasgow shipbuilders Burns, McKinnon & Co. Barr has a radical new ship design that he believes will revolutionise the British shipbuilding industry which is suffering from both foreign competition and economic depression. Barr however faces opposition from his own Board of directors, led by Lord Dean (Frank Vosper), who are hesitant with the investment required to fund his plans to build 20 ships. Dean would prefer a partnership with rival shipbuilder, Manning (Alfred Drayton), who Barr despises due to his use of foreign registries. With the support of chief shareholder June MacKinnon (Carol Goodner) Barr embarks on his ambitious plans but will he see his ships launched in the face of fierce resistance from his bankers and militant workers and in the face of industrial espionage?


Fast and Loose [1954]

December 21, 2018

Fast and Loose DVD 2DBuy it at Amazon here

Charming 1950’s farce superbly written by the legendary Ben Travers.

A young married couple, Peter (Brian Reece) and Barbara (June Thorburn) are travelling by train to the countryside for a romantic weekend, Leaving Barbara in the train on the platform Peter pops out to buy a newspaper, but meets old flame Carol (Kay Kendall) at the news stand. While Peter and Carol are chatting Barbara’s train leaves for the country without him. Peter, accompanied by Carol frantically tries to catch up with his wife, hiring a car in order to drive to the hotel. Unfortunately for Peter the car breaks down and he ends up spending a night with Carol in a remote Inn.

Barbara meanwhile has enlisted the help of her parents in order to track down her husband and the ensuing chase leads to a hilarious series of misadventures that you would anticipate from a Ben Travers script. Stanley Holloway is superbly cast as Barbara’s downtrodden father of Barbara.


Age Of Innocence [1977]

December 21, 2018

Age of Innocence DVD 2DBuy it at Amazon here

Tense drama set in a sleepy Canadian town in the early 1920 s which is woken with the arrival of a handsome but outspoken English teacher. Henry Buchanan (David Warner), travels from England to teach in a small Canadian town. His outspoken views on the evil of war causes a ripple in the town, and when it is discovered that he was a conscientious objector in World War I, the citizens of the town are outraged. But it’s his friendships with both the enigmatic rich divorcee Mrs Boswell (Honor Blackman) and Clarissa (Trudy Young), the daughter of the town’s most prominent citizen, that will get Henry into the most trouble of all…


The Bank Raiders [1958]

October 22, 2018

The Bank Raiders DVD 2DBuy it at Amazon here

Thrilling 1950’s British Noir made by the Rank Studios.

Terry Milligan is a greedy small time crook who fences through another local villain Bernie Shelton. Shelton has his eyes set on a bank job and Milligan wants ‘in’. Milligan joins the gang as a getaway driver but the job does not go to plan and with the Police closing in Milligan seeks solace with local ‘tart’ Della (Sandra Dorne) but will greed get the better of them both ……………



Top of the Form [1953]

July 25, 2018

Top of the Form DVD 2DBuy it at Amazon here

Hilarious 1950’s comedy of an under-performing public school directed by John Paddy Carstairs and starring Ronald Shiner, Anthony Newley and Ronnie Corbett.

Professor Fortescue (Ronald Shiner) is a fake Professor trying unsuccessfully to sell his system for picking racehorse winners. When by chance, he succeeds he is chased by the local bookmakers. Attempting to escape, Fortescue stumbles into Bagshot Boys College and despite his lack of formal education, accepts the role of Professor of an unruly bunch of boys. When the boys cheat in an exam and win a trip to Paris Fortescue has to maintain control as they all head to France. His task becomes more difficult when the brother of one of the boys joins the trip to steal the famous Marie Antoinette necklace, and the trip quickly descends into hilarious chaos.

A superb ensemble cast includes, Richard Wattis, Alfie Bass and Harry Fowler.


The Fire Raisers [1934]

July 25, 2018

The Fire Raisers DVD 2DBuy it at Amazon here

Superbly crafted thriller brilliantly directed by Michael Powell and starring Leslie Banks as a shady insurance investigator.

Jim Bronton (Leslie Banks) is an insurance agent who helps his clients maximise their fire insurance claims. When Bronton gets a tip off that the Sonners warehouse is ablaze he quickly gets to the scene and recovers the company’s books from the burning building. When Bronton realises Sonners (George Merritt) has committed arson he blackmails Sonners into letting him represent his case Bronton makes a killing on the claim. Bronton s dubious activities however bring his business to the attention of the Lloyds insurance brokers who he continues to outsmart. When he marries the daughter of a Lloyds broker with expensive tastes he is forced to consider a dangerous proposal that could end in tragedy.

The Planter’s Wife [1952]

May 31, 2018

The planters wife DVD 2DBuy it at Amazon here

Set in 1950’s Malaya, Jack Hawkins stars as the embattled British plantation owner Jim Frazer who battles to save both his plantation, from local Malayan bandits, and his marriage to his beautiful wife Liz, following years of neglect.

After years spent in a Japanese Internment camp during WW2, Jim Frazer has rebuilt his life as a wealthy plantation owner in the post War British colony of Malaya. A naturally warm man, Jim’s years of captivity had hardened him, particularly towards the local population who he mistrusts. Jim puts the survival of his plantation above his marriage to Liz (Claudette Colbert) and she plans to return to England with their young son Mike. However with the bandits closing in on his plantation Jim’s future in Malaya and relationship with Liz are put to the ultimate test!

I’ll Be Your Sweetheart (1945)

May 31, 2018

I'll be your sweetheart DVD 2DBuy it at Amazon here

Amusing musical drama set in the early 1900 s when the Music Hall scene reached its peak of popularity and superbly directed by Val Guest.

At the turn of the 20th Century Bob Fielding (Michael Rennie) arrives in London determined to make it as a song publisher. He visits a music hall where he hears Edie Story (Margaret Lockwood) singing Oh Mr Porter and immediately falls for her. He acquires the rights to the song I’ll Be Your Sweetheart and asks Edie to perform it, only to find that rival publisher, the sauve Jim Knight (Peter Graves) also claims the rights. Despite Jim’s claim, Bob turns the song into a huge success and begins to realise his dream of being a successful publisher.
However when music publishing pirates threaten Bob’s business he has to fight back and only when a new copyright law is passed into law does he have a chance to rebuild his fortunes both as a music publisher and as Edie’s partner.

The film includes performances of the famous music hall songs, ‘Mary-Anne’, ‘The Honeysuckle and The Bee’, ‘Oh Mr Porter’, ‘I Wouldn’t Leave My Little Wooden House For You’.

Circles of Deceit [1993-96]

May 31, 2018

COD DVD 2DBuy it at Amazon here

This series of 4 made for TV feature length thrillers stars Dennis Waterman (The Sweeney, New Tricks) as John Neil, a Falklands War hero whose family were murdered in an IRA terrorist attack. Neil has withdrawn from society and lives an isolated existence, until MI5 come calling. Former special-forces operative John Neil is a lone agent for hire for Britain’s security services. Whether taking on Irish terrorists, tracking down professional assassins, or pitting his wits against ruthless drug dealers, the ex-SAS man harbours no illusions about the work he’s doing, or the people he serves. Knowing he is expendable to the security services Neil must face down deadly adversaries relying on his instincts and his SAS training in a world of betrayal, danger, and deceit.

These 4 films were made for broadcast on Yorkshire TV between 1993 and 1996.

Made in Heaven [1952]

March 16, 2018


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Charming romantic comedy made in 1952 by Rank Studios and starring David Tomlinson, Petula Clark and A.E. Matthews.

The Topham family live a blissfully happy life together in the lovely market town of Dunmow in deepest Essex. Recently married Basil Topham (David Tomlinson and his beautiful wife Julie (Petula Clark) are patiently waiting for their house to be built by local builders. Until then, they are forced to live with Basil s parents and eccentric grandfather (A.E Matthews). Basil and Julie have been entered into the Dunmow Flitch, a competition for the happiest married couple and all seems idyllic with our newly-weds. That is until a beautiful maid Marta (Sonja Zieman) arrives from Hungary to run the Topham family home and inadvertently throws everything into chaos!!

Personal Affair [1953]

February 22, 2018

Personal Affair DVD 2D

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This gripping British thriller made by the Rank Studios tells the story of forbidden love between teacher and pupil in a sleepy town in 1950’s England.

Barbara Vining (Glynis Johns) is an impressionable teenage schoolgirl who has her first crush on her handsome Latin teacher Stephen Barlow (Leo Genn). Barlow meanwhile is married to a beautiful but insecure American Kay (Gene Tierney). When Barbara disappears after a late night tutoring session at the Barlow home suspicion abounds. The pressure builds on Barlow as the Police launch an investigation and he is forced to step down from his post as teacher. The strength of Barlow’s marriage is tested to the full as are the inter-relationships within the Vining family. Will Barbara be found and how will the respective families cope with the highly charged outcome?

The Heart of a Man [1959]

February 21, 2018

The Heart of a Man 2DBuy it at Amazon here

Romantic comedy made by Rank Studios, which stars 1950’s heartthrobs Frankie Vaughan and Anne Heywood.

Frankie Martin (Frankie Vaughan) is an out-of-work sailor who encounters Bud, a tramp who gives him a shilling, and promises that if he can make £100 honestly he will be given £1,000. Frankie’s quest for Bud’s money leads him to a job with shady riverboat casino operator Tony Carlisle (Tony Britton). Here he meets the beautiful Julie (Anne Heywood) but Frankie’s enthusiasm for his work leads to the sack from Tony’s dodgy establishment. Frankie goes from job to job but his singing career and romance with Julie are blossoming. With the encouragement of Julie and the help of amusing impresario Johnnie (Tony Newley), will Frankie make a success of his singing career and take Bud’s wager?

Frankie Vaughan took the title track of the film Heart of a Man to no.5 in the BBC charts in 1959.


The Trap [1966]

February 19, 2018

The Trap DVD 2D

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Gripping drama made by Rank Studios, starring Oliver Reed as a lonely fur trapper in mid-19th Century Canada, and Rita Tushingham as the target of his affections.

Jean Le Bête (Oliver Reed) is an intimidating fur trapper who comes to a small mining town in British Columbia in search of a wife. Having travelled for 3 days from his remote trappers hut Jean has to settle for a mute girl, Eve (Rita Tushingham), who has not spoken since her own family suffered at the hands of Indians when she was a young girl. The initial hostility between Jean and Eve thaws and the slowly changing relationship between the trapper and his mute partner is both touching and fragile. The story centres around these two mismatched individuals, both handicapped in their own way as they struggle to make a life together in the Canadian wilderness. From initial brutality to tolerance to mutual interdependence and finally love!

Butterfly Collectors [1999]

February 19, 2018


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Feature length thriller from the writer of Shameless and starring Pete Postlethwaite and Jamie Draven. Whilst the plot centers around a policeman, this is not a police story. In fact John McKeown emphatically dislikes being a policeman.

Two teenage boys discover a murdered man at a breakers yard they had intended to rob. They are arrested on suspicion of murder, but it becomes obvious to McKeown that these were just two amateur burglars who got more than they bargained for.

During the course of the investigation, McKeown discovers that one of the boys, Dex, 17, a parks and gardens laborer, is bringing up his younger brother and sister alone. An unlikely friendship develops as McKeown becomes impressed by what Dex is making of his life. Although living on a council estate on the fringes of Manchester, Dex has created a beautiful garden (mainly from materials he has lifted from work). McKeown and his girlfriend Sandra become regular visitors to Dex’s home, inspired by this young family who seem so determined to survive. The situation changes radically when McKeown suddenly has reason to question Dex’s involvement in the original murder, which raises question about the way Dex and his brother and sister came to be parentless. McKeown starts unpeeling discrepancies and lies, gleaned mainly from personal conversations.

As McKeown unravels the secrets of Dex’s life, he begins to take stock of his own.

Grafters Series 2 [1999]

February 19, 2018

Grafters S2 DVD 2D

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Series 2 of Grafters follows the family of builders.Trevor and Joe Purvis are miles away from their native North East working on a site in Brighton for local building developer Nick Costello. Joe has become involved with Viv, the site architect where they are working, while Trevor has caught the eye of Clare Costello, Nick’s younger sister.

Grafters series 1 [1998]

February 19, 2018

Grafters S1 DVD 2D

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Starring Robson Green and Stephen Tompkinson.

This 1990’s comedy drama follows two dysfunctional brothers (Joe and Trevor Purvis) and their younger cousin (Simon) running their own successful building company.



High Tide At Noon [1957]

November 13, 2017


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A 1950’s gripping drama produced by the Rank Film Studios and starring Michael Craig, Betta St John, Patrick McGoohan and directed by Philip Leacock.

Returning home to the rugged island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Joanne MacKenzie (Betta St John), is reunited with her family, the local landowners. Initially the lobster fishing industry which dominates the local economy is prosperous and Joanne spends her time looking for a suitable husband. There is no shortage of suitors and Joanna finally marries Alec Douglas (William Sylvester) but quickly discovers that he is a gambler who squanders their savings. Life gets hard for the remaining islanders when the fishing season fails and the island is left deserted but will Joanne eventually finally find happiness? Phillip Leacock was nominated for a Palme d Or award at the Cannes film festival of 1957 for his work as Director of this film.

Innocent Sinners [1958]

November 13, 2017

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A fine example of a 1950’s post war drama produced by the Rank Film Studios and starring Flora Robson, David Kossoff, June Archer and directed by Philip Leacock.

Lovejoy Mason (June Archer) is an independently minded young rascal living in bombed out London. Bored with her mundane existence Lovejoy finds an outlet for beauty and self-expression by building a small garden in the ruins of a bombed out church yard. Though she is ignored by her mother and ridiculed by other local children, Lovejoy is aided in her project by Tip Malone (Christopher Hey). Tragedy strikes when her garden is vandalised by a local boys gang, however impressed by her determination, they offer to help her rebuild it. Lovejoy’s troubles are not over, and she faces further challenges before she gets the garden of her dreams. Britain, like Lovejoy’s garden, was rising from the rubble of war and thriving.

The Hornets Nest [1955]

November 13, 2017

The Hornets Nest 2D

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1950’s Rank comedy starring the glamourous due June Thorburn and Marla Landi. In this adventure, a jewel thief hides his latest goods in a deserted barge, but ends up in jail. Two young models, June Thorburn and Marla Landi, then rent the barge, and with the help of two little old ladies, find them and claim the reward.

A Dangerous Man, Lawrence after Arabia [1992]

July 28, 2017

ADM DVD 2D (003)Buy it at Amazon here

Considered to be the continuation of the mythical ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, and starring Ralph Fiennes, this film won an Emmy in 1992. Paris 1919 and D.H Lawrence is representing the Arab peoples at the Paris peace conference. He has to confront the politics and intrigue of the Allied powers as he tries to repay the Arabs for supporting the allies against Germany in WW1.  Will he succeed and secure not only the arab future but his own as well?

Passage Home [1955]

July 28, 2017

PH DVD 2DBuy it at Amazon here

‘Lucky’ Ryland (Peter Finch) is the Captain of the ‘Bulinga’ ship. He secures a contract to transport a cargo of pedigree bulls from South America to England which must be achieved in record time.

However ill-will develops amongst the overworked crew and tensions rise when Ruth (Diane Cilento), a beautiful young woman, accompanies the crew on their voyage. Ryland quickly becomes infatuated with Ruth and the blossoming romance leads him to make a proposal of marriage. While Ruth considers his advance jealousy grows amongst the crew and Ryland takes to drinking to cope with the rejection. Isolated from his crew Ryland becomes more withdrawn until they encounter a violent storm which becomes the true test of his position and character.

Flood of Fear [1958]

July 28, 2017

FOF DVD 2DBuy it at Amazon here

Two convicts (Howard Keel, Cyril Cusack) and one guard (Harry H. Corbett) are washed away into a flood near the small North American town of Lebanon after the barrier they were building collapses. Ending up at the flooded farmhouse of Dr. Matthews (John Phillips), the men find that the doctor is away and his daughter Elizabeth (Anne Heywood) is at home alone. Soon enough tensions rise along with the water level, especially as Peebles (Cyril Cusack) has designs on Elizabeth and Donovan (Howard Keel), appears to be innocent of the murder he was imprisoned for, and has revenge on his mind…

This 1950 s classic British noir film was directed by Charles Crichton and produced by Sydney Box.

Bitter Harvest [1963]

June 7, 2017

BH DVD 2D (1)Buy it at Amazon here

Gripping drama starring Janet Munro as simple country girl Jennie Jones who leaves her family in the Welsh Valleys for the bright lights of 1960’s London.

Jennie Jones (Janet Munro) is bored with her life in the Welsh valleys running the family shop and looking after her father. Whilst babysitting for a wealthy family she becomes jealous of the luxuries that life has denied her. On a night out in Cardiff she is seduced by salesman Andy (Terence Alexander) and wakes up in London. Despite meeting loving barman Bob Williams (John Stride) her life takes a tragic downward spiral!

House of Secrets [1956]

May 9, 2017

House of Secrets 2D

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Gripping 1950’s espionage thriller set mostly in Paris that was a box-office success in its day. Director Guy Green, takes care to frame this enthralling plot with crisp visuals and handsome locations.

Newly docked in Marseille, Larry Ellis (Michael Craig) a suave merchant sailor, bears a striking resemblance to Steve Chancellor a renowned counterfeiter recently killed in a car crash. In an effort to expose a gang of ruthless French crooks, the CIA recruit Ellis to pose as the deceased Chancellor and infiltrate the counterfeiters gang. During his quest Ellis encounters Chancellors girlfriend, cabaret singer Diane Gilbert (Julia Arnall) and quickly discovers the gang are planning to flood Britain with forged currency. However Ellis falls under suspicion as a double crosser as he struggles to get to the truth and unmask the ring leaders until the climatic finale!!

Double Exposure [1954]

May 9, 2017

Double Exposure DVD 2D

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1950’s British film noir directed by John Gilling and starring John Bentley, Rona Anderson and Garry Marsh.

Pete Fleming (John Bentley) is a Private Detective called into service by Denis Clayton (Alexander Gauge), an advertising executive whose wife recently committed suicide. Clayton wants to trace one of his photographers who he believes has stolen some of his late wife’s jewellery. As Fleming begins to investigate, it becomes clear the case is actually far more complicated and sinister than it first appeared!!

The Embezzler [1954]

May 9, 2017

The Embezzler 2D

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Having been told he has only two years to live due to a heart condition Henry Paulson (Charles Victor), a bored bank clerk, makes a decision about his life.

Fed up with his job and feeling unloved by his wife Henry Paulson hits upon a plan to steal money from the bank and escape to South America to live out his days in a blaze of fun and wealth. Whilst stealing the money however Paulson is discovered by the bank manager who he proceeds to imprison in his own office. On the run Paulson seeks refuge in an Eastbourne hotel but will he escape and rebuild his shattered life?

That’s Your Funeral [1972]

May 5, 2017


Thats Your Funeral

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Bill Fraser and Raymond Huntley star in the raucous British farce That’s Your Funeral based on the hugely successful 1970’s TV series.

Holroyd’s are a long established firm of funeral directors run by Emmanuel Holroyd (Raymond Huntley) and Basil Bulstrode (Bill Fraser). Business is good for Holroyd’s until a new firm of undertakers comes to town with new ideas and an attractive female employee (Sue Lloyd).

Plenty of laughs follow as the two rival firms compete with each other for business. The competition between the two firms mounts when there is a mix up over two coffins delivered to the local railway station with hilarious consequences. But are the new firm all that they seem and what are they really transporting in their coffins?

Curtain Up [1952] (digitally remastered)

May 5, 2017

Curtain Up - remastered version

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Curtain Up is a 1952 British film directed by Ralph Smart, written by Jack Davies and Philip King.

In an English provincial town, a second-rate repertory company assemble at the theatre on Monday morning to rehearse the following week’s play, a melodrama titled Tarnished Gold.

Harry (Robert Morley), their irascible Director, is highly critical of the play, which has been foisted on him by the owners of the Company and is unenthusiastic about its prospects. The cast, a mixture of wanabee-film stars and has-beens, are equally unenthusiastic and little progress is made. Just as matters seemingly cannot get worse, the authoress of the play, Catherine Beckwith (Rutherford), appears and insists on ‘sitting at the feet’ of the Director.

Chaos ensues…

The Diplomatic Corpse [1958]

May 5, 2017

The Diplomatic Corpse

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1950s crime thriller starring Robin Bailey, Susan Shaw and Liam Redmond.

When a dead body is fished out of the Thames reporter Michael Billing (Robin Bailey) is assigned to the story. Whilst at first the story seems bland and unimportant Billing soon discovers that the body was that of a high profile Egyptian diplomat. This leads Billing to the Egyptian Embassy where he is greeted by a receptionist, the late diplomat’s fiancée. Overcome with grief, she is replaced by undercover reporter Jenny Drew (Susan Shaw).

Jenny quickly uncovers a web of illegal activity and with the help of Inspector Corcoran (Liam Redmond) the two reporters are drawn deeper into the conspiracy. Up against high profile suspects can they crack the case?

Night of the Fox [1990]

May 5, 2017

Night of the Fox 2D

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Based on Jack Higgins electrifying World War II novel in which a Nazi impersonator is asked to recover the secret plans of the 1944 D-Day landings.

Shortly before the D-Day landings Colonel Kelso, an American officer with plans of the forthcoming invasion, is washed ashore on Nazi occupied Jersey. Hearing that Kelso is still alive, the Allies ask Harry Martineau (George Peppard) to travel to Jersey, pose as a Nazi agent, and to either rescue Kelso, or silence him.

Martineau is accompanied on his daring mission by the beautiful Sara Drayton (Deborah Raffin) a former resident of Jersey. Martineau’s assignment becomes more complicated when Field Marshall Rommell (Michael York) appears on Jersey for an unannounced visit. Will our heroes be able to rescue Kelso and return him to England or will he pay the ultimate price?

Tudor Rose [1936] (digitally remastered)

May 5, 2017

Tudor Rose

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Superbly scripted dramatisation of the story of Lady Jane Grey, the Queen of England for 9 days in 1553.

As King Henry VIII lies on his deathbed, he instructs his courtiers on the order of succession to the throne, firstly his son Edward VI, then Mary Tudor, then Elizabeth and finally Jane Grey. Those around him adhere to his wishes. But on the death of the young King Edward VI aged 15, the Duke of Somerset and the Earl of Warwick (Cedric Hardwicke) begin scheming to have their favoured candidate ascend to the thrown of England.

Account Rendered [1957]

March 9, 2017

Account Rendered

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Dark 1950’s British Noir starring Griffith Jones, Ursula Howells, and Honor Blackman.

When wealthy Lucille Ainsworth (Ursula Howelss) is found strangled on Hampstead Heath, Detective Inspector Marshall is put on the case. Lucille’s husband Robert (Griffith Jones) suspected her of being unfaithful, and had been following her. But he is just one of many suspects with a motive for murder.

Great British Actors – Leslie Phillips

September 2, 2016

Leslie Phillips Boxset 2D

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Triple bill of British comedies starring Leslie Phillips. In ‘The Man Who Liked Funerals’ (1959) Simon Hurd (Phillips) takes it upon himself to raise the necessary finances to keep the local youth club open. But he uses a peculiar technique to do so – he attends funerals and blackmails mourners into giving him money by threatening to reveal unfortunate stories about them to the press. However, he may regret his pitches after potentially meeting his match… In ‘Don’t Just Lie There, Say Something’ (1974) Phillips stars as Sir William Mainwaring-Brown, a Government minister with a roving eye who has just introduced a bill to combat libertarian behaviour in Britain. Sir William, however, is having affairs with both his secretary Miss Parkyn (Joanna Lumley) and Wendy (Anita Graham), the wife of an eminent reporter. A group of hippies who oppose the bill seek to derail his campaign by discrediting co-founders Sir William and his best friend Barry Ovis (Brian Rix). In ‘In the Doghouse’ (1962) Phillips and James Booth star as rival vets. After ten long years of training, Jimmy Fox-Upton (Phillips) finally qualifies as a vet and opens his own practice. Settled in London, Jimmy opposes the money-grabbing ways of his fellow graduate Bob Skeffington (Booth) and sets about exposing his lucrative equine export scam.

Cloak Without Dagger [1956] (digitally remastered)

September 2, 2016

Cloak without dagger

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Feisty female reporter meets an old flame, but is he mixed up in the riddle of the body in the bathroom? And what is the hotel detective doing at the weapons testing facility? Rest assured, these and other intriguing questions are eventually answered. The absence of hi-tech spy gizmos of the James Bond variety is made up for by plenty of opportunities for sofa-based detectives to test their skill in unravelling a good mystery.

The Dark Man [1951]

September 2, 2016

The Dark Man

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A peaceful seaside village is shocked by a sudden and vicious double murder. The murdered men are a petty thief and a taxi driver. A beautiful young actress informs the police that she saw the dead man’s taxi and the man who stood beside it. The newspaper reports that she is potentially able to identify the killer and although the police provide her with protection, the ‘Dark Man’ strikes and leaves her for dead. The police decide to transfer her to a secret location but is it secret enough to protect her from him?

No My Darling Daughter [1961], (digitally remastered)

September 2, 2016

No My Darling Daughter

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Juliet Mills plays the vivacious daughter of a wealthy international industrialist played by Michael Redgrave who runs away with a playboy millionaire, but falls in love with the hard-working young man, Michael Craig, who has been sent to bring her back.

True as a Turtle [1957], (digitally remastered)

September 2, 2016

True as a Turtle

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Newlyweds Tony (John Gregson) and Jane Hudson (June Gregson) throw a party on their yacht, ‘The Turtle’. Their guests include Sir Harold and Lady Brazier, who own the well-equipped ‘Liberty’. When the Turtle runs into trouble, it is the Liberty that comes to their aid, much to Tony’s chagrin.