Passionate Summer [1958]

May 20, 2019

Passionate summer DVD 2D

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Jamaica, an island paradise…where human emotions are laid bare under the tropical sun!

Douglas Lockwood, (Bill Travers) is a gifted teacher at Leonard Pawley’s experimental school situated in Jamaica. During one summer, a private plane crashes into the mountains a short distance from the school. Lockwood helps rescue passenger Judy Waring (Virginia McKenna) and soon falls in love with her while she convalesces at the school. Meanwhile Leonard Pawley’s wife (Yvonne Mitchell) has her own romantic interest in Lockwood and a love triangle quickly develops. The love interest of the adults and the behaviour of the school children see temperatures rise under the burning summer sun.



Wheel Of Fate [1953]

March 6, 2019


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Two brothers, Johnny (Patric Doonan) and Ted (Bryan Forbes) work in their disabled father’s garage. Johnny is the hard working brother and takes time to care for his father while Ted is a drunk and a womaniser. The two brothers have a strained relationship which deteriorates further when Ted introduces his girlfriend, night club singer Lucky (Sandra Dorne) to Johnny. Family life becomes more complicated when police search for the unknown killer of a man in a dance hall fight, and then by a bookie pressuring Ted to pay his gambling debts.

Street Corner [1953]

March 6, 2019


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Compelling 1950’s drama that tells the story of the contribution made by Police women during a period of great social upheaval through three entwined stories.

Edna Hurran (Eleanor Summerfield) is enjoying an evening stroll with her husband along the River Thames when a young girl falls in, Edna saves the girl but her heroism draws her to the attention of the Police and her story unravels. Young mother Bridget Foster (Peggy Cummins) yearns for some excitement in her life, caught shoplifting she falls under the spell of Ray (Terence Morgan) a villain who seeks to exploit her but the Police have Ray firmly in their sights. Brave WPC Susan (Anne Crawford) risks her life to save a small child who wanders onto a window ledge, investigating the incident brings the young police woman into a world of child neglect.

Directed by Muriel Box STREET CORNER boasts an all-star British cast including Peggy Cummins, Terence Morgan, Barbara Murray, Rosamund John, Ronald Howard, Dora Bryan, and Thora Hird.

Suspended Alibi [1957]

December 21, 2018

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A married newspaper editor, Paul Pearson (Patrick Holt), is having an affair with Diana, a female reporter. Pearson has been using an old army friend, Bill Forrest, as an alibi, telling his wife (Honor Blackman) that he is with Forrest while he really visits Diana.

When Pearson decides to end the affair he asks Forrest to cover for him one more time but when on the same night Forrest is murdered suspicion naturally falls on Pearson, and his web of deceit begins to unravel.


Red Ensign [1934]

December 21, 2018

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Tense thriller superbly directed by the legendary British film maker Michael Powell. Britain, 1933, David Barr (Leslie Banks) is an ambitious ship designer working at the Glasgow shipbuilders Burns, McKinnon & Co. Barr has a radical new ship design that he believes will revolutionise the British shipbuilding industry which is suffering from both foreign competition and economic depression. Barr however faces opposition from his own Board of directors, led by Lord Dean (Frank Vosper), who are hesitant with the investment required to fund his plans to build 20 ships. Dean would prefer a partnership with rival shipbuilder, Manning (Alfred Drayton), who Barr despises due to his use of foreign registries. With the support of chief shareholder June MacKinnon (Carol Goodner) Barr embarks on his ambitious plans but will he see his ships launched in the face of fierce resistance from his bankers and militant workers and in the face of industrial espionage?


Fast and Loose [1954]

December 21, 2018

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Charming 1950’s farce superbly written by the legendary Ben Travers.

A young married couple, Peter (Brian Reece) and Barbara (June Thorburn) are travelling by train to the countryside for a romantic weekend, Leaving Barbara in the train on the platform Peter pops out to buy a newspaper, but meets old flame Carol (Kay Kendall) at the news stand. While Peter and Carol are chatting Barbara’s train leaves for the country without him. Peter, accompanied by Carol frantically tries to catch up with his wife, hiring a car in order to drive to the hotel. Unfortunately for Peter the car breaks down and he ends up spending a night with Carol in a remote Inn.

Barbara meanwhile has enlisted the help of her parents in order to track down her husband and the ensuing chase leads to a hilarious series of misadventures that you would anticipate from a Ben Travers script. Stanley Holloway is superbly cast as Barbara’s downtrodden father of Barbara.


Age Of Innocence [1977]

December 21, 2018

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Tense drama set in a sleepy Canadian town in the early 1920 s which is woken with the arrival of a handsome but outspoken English teacher. Henry Buchanan (David Warner), travels from England to teach in a small Canadian town. His outspoken views on the evil of war causes a ripple in the town, and when it is discovered that he was a conscientious objector in World War I, the citizens of the town are outraged. But it’s his friendships with both the enigmatic rich divorcee Mrs Boswell (Honor Blackman) and Clarissa (Trudy Young), the daughter of the town’s most prominent citizen, that will get Henry into the most trouble of all…